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Hello we are sf9!

SF9, also known as Sensational Feeling 9, debuted on October 5th, 2016 under FNC Entertainment. The group consists of nine members: Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani.


SF9 is the first boy dance group under the company which used to specialize in korean bands. When the group's official name was announced, SF9 stood for Sensational First 9 to represent their precedence as FNC's male dance group but later changed the meaning to Sensational Feeling.

Prior to debut, the members of SF9 were entered into FNC's trainee school program, Neoz School, formerly Neo School. The trainees were first revealed as a team of 11 members in December of 2015 at FNC Kingdom in Japan where they performed their predebut tracks, K.O and Jungle Game. The company went on to upload videos of the Neoz School members via their Youtube Channel. However, later the member lineup changed from 11 to 9 with the removal of Alex Bell and Tak Jinkyu. The remaining nine members continued on as a group with FNC posting videos about their lessons in the Neoz School.

In March 2016, FNC released their webdrama, Click Your Heart, starring the Neoz members and AOA's Kwon Mina. The webdrama was based on a "choose your own route" concept where you choose the next episode based on the character you wanted to follow. The webdrama had four endings following the main characters, Rowoon, Dawon, Chani, and Zuho.

In May 2016, FNC announced that the Neoz School members would participate in a survival show called Dance or Band where the current trainees would be the dance team put up against four new Neoz trainees that trained as a band. The survival show would determine which team FNC would debut first through a series of competitions and challenges. If the dance team were to lose, the member lineup would have changed, fortunately the dance team won and went on to become what we know now as SF9 and held various fanmeetings during the period between their win and debut.

Following their debut, SF9 has released a single album and three mini albums. They debuted with their single album, Feeling Sensation, which contained their debut song, Fanfare, along with K.O and Together.

In December 2016, SF9 released a special single and music video as a gift for fans called So Beautiful. The song was a full studio version of their OST from Click Your Heart with a wintery feel added.

On January 12th, 2017, SF9 celebrated their 100 days of debut and announced their fan name as Fantasy.

The group later made their first comeback with their first mini album, Burning Sensation, on February 6th, 2017. The album contained: 青春;Tell Me What It Is, Roar, Still My Lady, Shut Up N' Lemme Go, 4 Step, & Jungle Game.

Quickly after their Roar promotions ended, SF9 came back with their second mini album, Breaking Sensation, on April 18th, 2017. The album featured: 이별 즈음에 (Around Farewell) [Intro], Easy Love, Watch Out, Hide and Seek, Fall Down, & Why.

Following these promotions, SF9 went on to participate in four KCON events at Japan, New York, Los Angeles, and Australia. SF9 were also able to go on a fanmeeting tour around Asia & the United States called Be My Fantasy.

On October 5th, 2017, SF9 celebrated their debut anniversary and a few days later came back with their third mini album, Knights of the Sun, on October 12th. The album included: 詩; 00:00 (Poem), O Sole Mio, Let's Hang Out, Blank, Scold, & Just On My Way.

Kim Youngbin ; 김영빈
Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
~ likes playing basketball
~ friends with their manager
~ sensitive & sentimental

Kim Inseong ; 김인성
Main Vocalist
~ can speak English
~ enjoys drawing
~ smart & funny

Lee Jaeyoon ; 이재윤
Lead Vocalist
~ honey voice of the group
~ he's from Busan
~ funny & charming

Lee Dawon ; 이다원
Lead Vocalist
~ a fan of Big Bang
~ he's the variety member
~ extra & multitalented

Kim Rowoon ; 김로운
Main Vocalist, Visual
~ was on Lipstick Prince & School 2017
~ tallest member
~ caring & loving

Baek Juho ; 백주호
Main Rapper
~ likes to produce songs
~ close to other companymates
~ thoughtful & talented

Yoo Taeyang ; 유태양
Main Dancer, Main Vocalist
~ Exo's Kai is his idol
~ loves the sun
~ quiet & passionate

Kim Hwiyoung ; 김휘영
Main Rapper
~ looks up to A$AP Rocky
~ loves cats
~ sensitive & easily amused

Kang Chani ; 강찬희
Main Dancer, Rapper
~ was a child actor
~ evil maknae
~ reserved & excitable



So Beautiful


Easy Love

O Sole Mio

Japanese Versions

Fanfare JPN

Roar JPN

Easy Love JPN

O Sole Mio JPN

Special Mvs

Fanfare Acoustic

Still My Lady CH vers

Still My Lady

Hide and Seek

Let's Hang Out

Click Your Heart

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